Monthly Archives: October 2011

Hearty Humping

See Daphne’s big tits? They didn’t grow on a diet of twigs and berries. She’s a midwestern girl and she likes big, hearty meals with fried chicken, potatoes and corn on the cob. ‘I’m from Illinois and guys here like to see girls with big appetites. They get excited when they see us eat, and we get excited when they watch. They know a girl who likes to eat a lot, likes to fuck a lot. That’s certainly true for me. In fact, I even like to eat while I have sex. It gives me the energy to go as hard and as long as I like.’

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Workout Wallop

Shyla Shy was really interested in getting a personal trainer. She already had the whole gym set up at home. It was time time to make it happen. So after staking out the local gym, she finds a big black man by the name of Lucas that seemed like he would be interested. After approaching him and inviting him over, the story tells itself. From interesting stretching techniques to looking at how firm her ass really was, this blonde plumper gets the full body treatment. Her big round natural boobs get sucked on as she pulls out the black dick and sucks on it. Her hot blowjob was only outshined by the way her pussy took that dick. She gets fucked all sorts of ways. Ways that show off those chubber curves. Talk about a full service workout!

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B-Day BJ

The luscious Samantha 38G joins us today as she was on the way to her latest love’s apartment. T’was his birthday and she hadn’t blown him in a while, so it was time to make it happen. Our favorite blonde BBW showed up and found her man asleep.

She pulled off the covers and started to suck him off furiously. Her huge natural rack of big breasts came out as she deep throated his big cock. Then her fat ass got pounded as he took control and fucked her tight pussy to pieces. She was cumming over and over. Who knows, maybe next year it’s some anal?

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One wild bitch to fuck

Some babes just like to get some hard cock in all their tight holes but not this wild redhead. She wants more than cock in her pussy and you’re going to see her get some cock and both ends of a baseball bat in there as well.


It’s wild and dirty action that’s going to make your cock throb.