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Sweet And Juicy

There’s nothing like a little Shugar with your Peaches. That is, Peaches La Rue and busty fuck-buddy, Shugar. Here, the two horny plumpers get together for a threesome. ‘Shugar and I both love to eat, Peaches says, ‘But we kept it light here because we wanted to make sure we saved room to eat each other and this guy’s dick. We’re both big girls, and our tits are definitely more than a mouthful. And they wouldn’t want to miss out on each others pussies, which live up to their respective namesakes. Shugar is sweet as candy and Peaches is juicy and soft. The only thing that’s missing is a little cream.

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Banging A Big Chick

Carly is one sexy BBW with her fiery attitude and tattooed thighs. She looks even better when those legs are wrapped around someone she’s fucking nonstop. Carly likes to tease a cock out to play with her mouth before squeezing it between her tits, which look even better coated in precum than sweat. Then she’ll get down to the important things like getting her pussy and ass stuffed completely. This redhead apparently knows what she’s doing considering the noise she (and the lucky guy who’s fucking her) are making, and before Carly knows it she’ll get a load all over her.



Kaylyn loves a hard fisting

We’ve always said that big girls have a big appetite for hard fucking but now we’re going to show you a babe who is going to take that appetite to a whole new level.

Click to see full size image

Click to see full size image

This horny slut isn’t just happy to have some big cock or a big toy inside her, she wants something even bigger and harder. So come on in and watch all the dirty action as this babe goes into pleasure overload.

Once you go black…

Well what do we have here. A blonde bbw southern belle eager to take on her first black cock ever. Does it get better? Her voluptuous plumper titties and ass were just amazing to stare at. Caught myself drooling a few times, I must admit. She quickly opened up that pretty mouth of hers and started to suck off the big dick in her face. She got it nice and rock hard for her tight warm pussy to take. The hardcore fucking that went down was enough to bet on her never going back on the black dick. Isn’t that what they say? Enjoy!

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