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Santa Stuffing

Anna Kay joins us for some hot xxx-mas action! She was patiently waiting for Santa to surprise him with some blonde bbw action! slurping on his cock, she told him how bad she wanted to get fucked and did so. Plumper fucking at it’s finest. Enjoy!

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Titty Sundae

‘You look a little hungry. Are you ready for a nice, sticky treat?’ You better be, because Monique doesn’t make her special titty sundae for just anyone. Make sure you bring your appetite too because Monique has a lot of tit to eat. Things are going to get messy, so Monique makes sure to remove all her clothes. Your mouth will water and your cock will harden as she douses her tits with whip cream, sprinkles and of course, a cherry on top. ‘Now why don’t you come over here and eat my cherry?‘ says Monique. Her wish is fulfilled, and so are yours as she gets her creamy tits and tight pussy fucked hard and fast.

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Opening Up Spaces

Stacey was not happy to find her car blocked at her local Rite Aid, and was even less impressed when the individual responsible didn’t seem too keen on moving. However, after one look at her dark, delicious breasts and ass, he had to give in, and even offered her a chance to come to his place. Their rivalry soon become quite the friendship as Stacey showed off her hidden 38Ds and was wowed by the hard cock at hand. Soon the two were fucking and sucking each other like lovers, and not only did Stacey get her parking spot, but a warm splatter job all over her as an apology.

Stacey Sweets


Black British Wallop

Leah Jayne joins us for some interracial hardcore plumper fucking action! Her big round natural titties and firm bbw curves made for some great tease action. Once the big black cock showed up, she got to work. Messy wet blowjob action followed by her tight pussy getting fucked beyond belief! Satisfaction guaranteed with this one. See for yourself!

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Sienna’s Southern Comforts

When Sienna orders room service, what she really wants is pussy service. She loves seducing innocent bell hops that have no idea what they’re in for. But pussy service doesn’t just mean licking and fucking her slit. It also includes feeding her food. So what’s the connection between Sienna’s mouth and pussy? ‘The way to my pussy is through my stomach. The act of eating is like foreplay for me. I want to make sure that if I’m going to fuck a guy, that he’s worth my time. I want someone who’s gonna feed me slowly and with care–not someone who is going to half-ass it because he just wants to get laid. The guy needs to be as concerned about my pleasure as he is about his. If you service me, I will reward you with a big tip.’

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