Monthly Archives: February 2013

Stuff Her With Sweets

Sweets are Jammin Jennie’s weakness. Cake, pie, pastries, cookies, chocolate, tiramisu…if it has sugar in it, she’ll eat it. She has the same kind of cravings for cock, too. ‘Cock is sweet to my pussy like how desserts are sweet to my tongue. I like to eat both of them just as much, too. My favorite thing to do is find a guy with a big cock, then get it all nice and hard with my tits and mouth. When he’s standing at full attention I like to put a piece of cake on his dick and eat it off there before I suck and fuck the shit out of him.’

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Twilight Fucks Again

Now here’s a Twilight that’s actually worth watching. Twilight is this multi-ethnic hot, sexy plumper’s name. You have seen her before and if you have, you’d know she is awesomely stacked, big assed, exotic beauty that loves to get boned. Her favorite is when she’s riding a well endowed guy in a squatting position, so that her pussy is perfectly angled to take in the entire shaft. Make Twilight cum and she love you long, long time. Just watch….

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Boned for Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It energizes you and refuels you after eight hours of fasting. The same can be said about morning sex. It’s arguably the best time of day to fuck. That’s why Glory orders room service. She wants to get her waffles, eggs and cock all at once so she can have the best day possible. ‘I need good, tasty things to fill my stomach and my pussy when I wake up so that I’m prepared for the rest of the day. And the room service at this hotel was excellent. They really catered to my every desire.’

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BBW Bump

Kacey Parker was too busy on her phone to notice Mark trying to get into his apartment. So her big natural boobs bumped into him and she was so ashamed. Never one to worry, Mark invited her in to get to know one another better. This blonde plumper was into him and just blurt out the fact that she was interested in knowing if black dicks were really bigger than others. He was happy to oblige and the sex romp began. Her big natural titties got titty fucked as she began to suck on his big black dick. Then her sweet pussy got stuffed and the hardcore sex action was underway! Enjoy!

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