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Icing On The Cake

Get ready for another horny preggo. This time it’s April McKenzie with a bun in the oven and a cock in her mouth. Her boobs have swelled to massive proportions and she’s feeling sexier than ever. To celebrate her upcoming delivery, she’s treating herself to a huge piece of creamy, vanilla cake. ‘I’m pregnant as Hell and I just want to be pampered. That means I want a guy feeding me whenever I want and that’s more often than not and then fucking me till I’m as creamy as that cake and covering my body in his hot jizz.’ Cum all over her milk-filled mams? Now that’s the real icing on the cake.

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Keeping the Faith

Leah Jayne is a religious one… about sex. She may look innocent in her little Catholic school girl outfit, but that’s just a facade to hide the devil behind the angel. Leah is such a sex fanatic she can’t stop touching herself, even with her lover at her side. However, he soon takes over and introduces her to his sword of faith, which she gladly takes in her mouth and pussy. With each thrust inside she gets more enlightened until she’s seeing stars, and feeling completely spent until her next confession.

Leah Jayne


Hungry for some hard cock

Damn this old slut looked way to good to be in front of our cameras fucking like a cheap whore but that’s just where you’re gonna find her. She might be over the hill but she’s not over the need for plenty of hard cock so that’s just what we gave her.

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Click to see full size image

Now you can watch all the action as this high-class granny shows you that she’s just a dirty slut at heart.

Maid Servicing

What do you do when the maid is over a half hour late and she shows up with no panties on? Why have her suck you off and fuck you, that’s what! Talk about a hit ass plumper brunette! She shows off her bare ass and pussy while bending over to clean to make up for her tardiness.

Next thing we know, she’s getting her fat titties sucked and her BBW mouth on some cock! Getting fucked on the kitchen table is a great way to fulfill a fantasy and redemption for not cleaning. Her tittiy fucking, cock sucking ways were plenty good to make me wanna call up for her services! Enjoy!

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Bratwurst, beer and Brandy’s boobs

At Brandy’s Beerhouse, you get the best service, the best brew and the best breasts. She brings you beer and bratwurst in a tiny German barmaid outfit that accentuates her large breasts. But the moment you see the huge sausage she’s serving up, you realize you’d rather see Brandy eat it. A big girl like her probably appreciates big, juicy sausage more than you do, anyway. Sit back, sip your beer and let Brandy slowly devour the wiener. All this eating is turning you both on. Let her show you how she can inhale your sausage, too. When she’s done sucking, she expects a tip for her quality service-your pork pole in her pussy, so don’t be stingy.

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