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What Glory-ous Pussy

Sup fellas. Back by popular demand, we have the busty and lusty Glory Foxxx. This BBW babe is a plumper-man’s dream cum true. She’s got a lovely pair of 36F tits that are all natural and very nicely shaped. She got a booty, too. In today’s clip, Glory shows our man why plump white girls do it best when it comes to sucking dick. Afterward watch her pussy get dicked and her belly covered in cum.

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Glory Foxxx has got some decadently proportioned curves. You may not be able to handle seeing tits and ass that big.


The Fat Assed Debutante

Christy Minx is the most exotic brunette plumper you have ever seen. Her explosive sexuality and stunning sexy stare will leave you begging for more from this naturally big breasted (44F!), fat assed debutante. So she’s got the body but how are the skills? You won’t be disappointed. Especially, if you love girls that give loud, wet blowjobs. And man she seems to love paying special attention to licking the head of his shaft. Nice! As far as the fucking goes, expect an ass-slap hell of a ride. This gal is smokin’.

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Butter Her Biscuits

Some girls go crazy for chocolate and ice cream, but Bailey is more of a hearty eater. She’d rather clean a plate full of greasy fried chicken and soft biscuits than eat a bowl of Haagen Dazs. ‘Salty, greasy food is my weakness,’ she said. ‘I think you can tell a lot about a girl by the way she eats. Those chicks who are into candy and chocolate are more dainty than I am. And I think when they get fucked they want it more gently. Me? I eat like a man and I like to get fucked hard. I’m not afraid to get messy when I eat and I’m sure not afraid to get messy when I fuck. In fact, I encourage guys to cover me with as much cum as possible.’

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Pink Surprises

Imagine something sexy and wrapped up in a pink, fishnet one piece dress you could just rip off and fuck for hours. And it doesn’t require batteries. Kandi Kobain is that “something.” However, for such a good looking BBW, this woman has high standards and one had best be ready to please them in stamina and cock length.


She’s one for the extra thick and long ones that she can slurp all over like an ice cream hot dog before it’s nice and hard. Kandi will even dip it between her breasts to get that extra smooth feeling. Then she’ll make a pussy sandwich by stuffing it deep and hard inside her, adding her own moans of sexual addiction as flavor. Kandi’s known to really ride guys hard so keep yourself together before you blow your load all over her; she likes a long finish.