Monthly Archives: September 2013

Chocoholic Cockaholic

‘If a guy wants to get me in the mood, all he has to do is give me some chocolate. Not only do I love the taste, but I love to get it all over my tits and lick it off. For some reason, food just tastes better when I lick it off my own body. But I don’t want to be the only one doing all the licking. I want to feel a man’s tongue licking that hot chocolate off my big nipples. And in return, I’ll lick his cock and suck it like it’s the last square of chocolate on Valentine’s day. To be honest, I don’t know what turns me on more…sex or chocolate.’

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Party Crashing

Reyna Mae and her boy toy were having a hard time finding the address to this pool party. When they finally figured it out, they realize that they’re so early that not even the hosts where there. The hot day and beautiful pool were more than enough reason to go skinny dipping in the pool. And why not? No one was home!

This red head bbw let her big natural rack of tits flap in the wind and got all hot and bothered. They decided to take the party inside. Our plumper babe got her fat ass serviced. She sucked on his big cock while playing with her pussy. She then fucked his brains out in some hot hardcore sex action! Enjoy!

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South of the Border

When Selena is eating a taco, you’ll want to fuck her taco and cover it with your cream. It’s the tightest, warmest, softest tortilla you’ll ever have the pleasure of sticking your meat into. And when she fucks, this Latina is hot like salsa. Her full ass jiggles with every hard thrust into her slit and her big, full funbags flop everywhere as she bounces up and down. Let her eat your burrito and you’ll see that Selena was born to serve.

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Gorgeous Eyes, Gorgeous Ass

Today’s babe is first time fattie Leigh, and she is beautiful. This bronzed, hazel eyed gal is very easy on the eyes and you’ll be left wanting more. Her style of fucking can best be described as free spirited with a touch of exhibitionism. Leigh loves to get off on people watching her strut her stuff. She acts like she doesn’t at first but once she’s having that sweet pussy of hers being eaten out, she’s just a natural. So if you’re in the mood to see an impossibly hot, girl-next-door cutey with a ripe golden ass who genuinely enjoys fucking (especially in front of the camera) then you have arrived, sir.