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Cloud Nine

Hello, gentlemen. This lovely piece of ass and 36D (no lie) tit meat is none other than Crystal Clouds. Three words to describe her would be: young, brown, and round. Round because she’s got a lovely ass that is tailor made for doggystyle and spanking. It’s just that right mix of thickness; the right amount of firm muscle and tasty flab.


Crystal is partial to big cock. Soon as we told her that’s what we had in store she had the biggest whorish grin on her face. Crystal doesn’t dive right into deep throating, though. She likes to have her oven warmed up. Expect to see some sexy foreplay before they get down to the nitty gritty. But when they do, when you see this lacy legged big tit beauty getting banged… you’ll be glad you waited.



Nikki’s Cherry On Top

Neapolitan ice cream, cherries, cream and chocolate syrup? For Nikki, this isn’t just a recipe for dessert, it’s a recipe for sex, too. They’re one and the same for a big girl who likes to indulge her sweet tooth while getting fucked. Even just ordering her ice cream over the phone has Nikki rubbing her tits in anticipation of the treat she’s going to get. She starts rubbing her pussy and by the time her snack arrives she is ready to devour it. Only thing is, she forgot to order a banana with her ice cream, so she substitutes it with the bellhop’s cock. After licking the sprinkles off his dick, Nikki introduces his wang to her wet pussy and takes him for a juicy, plump ride.

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Sun Bathing With Dawn

Dawn Davenport was out trying to catch a few rays to darken up her skin by the pool when her fellow tanner couldn’t help but stare at her giant DDs. Dawn knows very well how her big breasts turn people on, so she took her top off to let him suck her hard nipples. Consequently, this made our BBW very horny and she started fingering herself until she realized that the guy had a few big things of his own. She yanked his trunks down and sucked his large cock and figured it would do a much better job at pleasuring her pussy. He was more than happy to oblige as he stuffed Dawn silly and fucked her until she was raw with excitement. She looked so sexy with her jugs bouncing back and forth while getting pounded. Then Dawn worked his dick off until she had cum all over her already hot looking chest, just to heighten the sensitivity of her skin.

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Massive Masseuse

This hot asian bbw showed up on the doorstep ready to get into her massage therapy session. Her plump tummy and perky titties were ready for some action! A lover of big black cocks, she quickly takes to the bedroom and uses her round natural boobs and nipples to massage the back of our aching black athlete. Then she was getting taken care of herself with her sweet pussy getting licked and eaten. Then she got it stuffed by some big black cock and the rest is here for your jerking pleasure. Interracial chubby fucking at it’s best!

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