Wood Suck

Angelina Castro had a huge landscaping problem. And I don’t mean her pussy! That was already clean shaven. She had a problem with the $4,000 fee it would take to trim the trees in her yard. Angelina flexed her resilience by asking our friend into the house to see what could be worked out.

She quickly showed off her million dollar pussy and offered to fuck him in return for the trees being clipped. Looking at her big round juicy latina BBW ass, it was a no brainer. She started to suck him off and did a great job of it. She then pounced on his rock hard cock and fucked his brains out! Those natural big boobies were bouncing up and down as her sweet snatch got stuffed with dick. Tons of hot hardcore sex action here. Easily one of my personal favorites. I know she will be too. Guaranteed.

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BBW Black Boinking

Here we go again! Some good ol’ black cock fucking a hot brunette BBW babe! She was anxiously waiting to get fucked. So she started to play with her huge natural rack of titties and fat plumper ass. Her fat tight pussy got wet and couldn’t wait any longer. Enter the cock. She started to slob on the big black dick and gave a hot messy wet blowjob. Then she decided that was enough and wanted to get her pussy fucked. And fucked it did! Tons of hot sex action. Enjoy!

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Perfect Date

When Marilyn reached her blind date’s apartment, she discovered he was quite the direct individual; just her type. She agreed to his offer for sex, but first felt she should get cleaned up a bit. Showering her busty body down was more than enough to push her date over the edge, so he jumped in and helped lather up her massive tits. Marilyn sucked his cock in thanks and then got the date of her life when she got down to business. She rode him hard and fast while her melons bounced and then got all dirty again after being covered in cum. Another shower never hurts…



Wonder Tracy in “Slippery When Wet”

Look who’s back in town. Why it’s none other than the 42J, naturally breasted Wonder Tracy. The hot momma with the sexy accent and slutty demeanor is back on the prowl. Cruising the streets looking for young guys with hard dicks. One look at her massive, deep cleavage and it’s no wonder why this cougar can get any man hard with no effort. As for turning her on, check out today’s sweet update. She doesn’t even need a guy to get turned on. Just some oil and boobplay and this lady is wet and ready for some hard dickin’. Click and watch Wonder Tracy milk this dude’s cock for every drop of cum.


Giving the slut a fucking

There’s always plenty of cushion for the pushin’ when you’re banging a big slut like Cleopatra and when she’s on heat the fucking is gonna get wild. That’s why we got our guy to fuck the shit out of her down on the floor because no bed could have handled the action.


If you’re into big babes then you’ll want to get your cock into this action with Cleopatra.

Does This Dress Make Me Sexy?

Hmm… interesting question, Kandi. Does that red, see-through dress make your BBW body look sexy? It certainly does, considering it shows off her beautiful big brown breasts and barely hides that dripping pussy. Apparently it’s so sexy that it attracted some cock for her to fuck and suck. BBW Kandi was more than obliged to get on her knees and show how she was even better looking with nothing on, along with her appetite for sex. She worked that cock all over her breasts before she felt she needed her pussy to be satisfied. This horny babe took all the cum she could from that guy, and best of all she didn’t ruin her sultry dress.

bbwdreams bbwdreams bbwdreams

There’s one particular feature of big beautiful women that consistently drives us wild. Their big natural breasts. With that in mind I’d like to share with you one of our new BBW finds, this is Pink Kandi and not only is she big, black, and beautiful but she has massive natural boobs that measure 44H on the Richter scale. Yes I know that’s a measurement for earthquakes and hot big breasted bbws, but I swear this busty BBW will make the earth move for you.

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Jemstone in “Naughty To The Core”

Debuting on BBWs Gone Black, the lovely Jemstone she is like the Megan Fox of BBWs. Fiery, sexy, loves to dress in black, and doesn’t mind showing plenty of skin for the camera. Downright stunning! She got a warm welcome into the BBW world by one of our black studs who figured she deserved some fucking with the extra inches. Some may say it was cruel, others would agree once the hard stuff is past the rest is easy. Hoewever, Jemstone had no problem taking that extra large dick down her throat, and her pussy, while letting her jugs get plenty of attention. A true attention whore, Jemstone loves the spotlight and will fuck in any way possible to get it, just as long as she gets the large creamy reward that’s at the end of every session. Welcome to the club.

Cloud Nine

Hello, gentlemen. This lovely piece of ass and 36D (no lie) tit meat is none other than Crystal Clouds. Three words to describe her would be: young, brown, and round. Round because she’s got a lovely ass that is tailor made for doggystyle and spanking. It’s just that right mix of thickness; the right amount of firm muscle and tasty flab.


Crystal is partial to big cock. Soon as we told her that’s what we had in store she had the biggest whorish grin on her face. Crystal doesn’t dive right into deep throating, though. She likes to have her oven warmed up. Expect to see some sexy foreplay before they get down to the nitty gritty. But when they do, when you see this lacy legged big tit beauty getting banged… you’ll be glad you waited.



Daphne in “Daphne’s G-Spot”

In this weeks Plumpers At Play update we get to witness the awesomeness that is Daphne. Equipped with a couple of her best go-to dildos she demonstrates her ability to easily get herself off in stunning fashion. If you prefer to watch her in some hardcore action we got that too, butt rust me you’ll just be doing yourself a disservice. Don’t say you werent warned.

Sapphire in “The Trusty Phoneman”

The phone repairman gets a call for what he thinks is a routine repair job. After checking the phone lines he finds out that the he wasn’t called in to fix the phone but instead to give Sapphire her fix and the only way to turn this humorously bussomed beauty into a “satisfied customer” is to give her exactly what she yearns for…a nice hard cock.

Sapphire stuffs his dick in her mouth, jams it between her two watermelon sized juggs and provokes him to thrust deep inside her white deserving pussy. You can tell she loves it as this horny girl rides that cock for days. Enjoy this scene, I know I did!


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